14-Day Cleaning

14-DAY Cleaning

Although there is some dispute on how frequently lines should be cleaned, the Brewer’s Association recommends every one to two weeks. Our Micromatic certified draft techs use a state of the art re-circulation method, proven to be the ONLY way to get your system as clean as possible.   The goal is to make sure we clean the system while the system is clean.  With a 14-Day Cleaning plan, you get the best possible service at the lowest price.

14-DAY System Inspection

  • Air leaks
  • Bad seals
  • Old or contaminated jumper lines
  • Damaged fobs

14-DAY Recirculation Cleaning

  • Disassemble Faucets
  • Soak & Clean Faucets
  • Flush remaining beer from lines
  • 15min Recirculation Cleaning w/ 3% Caustic Solution
  • Clean Water Flush
  • PH Test
  • Reassembly & Testing

Are You Ready To Pour Better Beer?

Are You Ready To Serve Better Beer?