Congratulations WV…You’re Lines Are Clean!

WV Beer Lines Are Getting Cleaner!

14-Day Minimum In Effect As Of June 5, 2020.

West Virginia’s legislature passed HB.4388 in March of 2020, providing frequency guidelines for the cleaning of draft beer systems at all bars and restaurants across the Mountain State.  All draft beer systems are required to be cleaned every 14 days, with written records available for each cleaning.   Section §11-16-18 states:

It is unlawful…For any retail licensee to sell or dispense nonintoxicating beer through draught lines where the draught lines have not been cleaned at least every two weeks in accordance with rules promulgated by the commissioner, and where written records of all cleanings are not maintained and available for inspection;

This change to WV ABCC regulations is a big win for consumers, moving draft beer line cleaning to the priority list for most bar and restaurant operators in the Mountain State.

Updated Regulations

Regarding distributors cleaning draght beer systems for free in WV “Things of value in beer”

WV legislature’s HB.4388 also provided verbiage pertaining to the installation, maintenance, and cleaning of draft beer systems at all bars and restaurants across the Mountain State by brewers and distributors free of charge.  All draft system cleaning, maintenance work, and draught equipment installed by distributors must be billed for at retail cost.  Section §11-16-18 also states:

It is unlawful…For any retail furnish, sell, install, or maintain draught line equipment, supplies, and cleaning services to a licensed retailer so long as the furnishing or sale of draught line services may be negotiated at no less than direct cost

Since the law went into effect in June of 2020 many distributors have decided to continue to offer line cleaning services at anywhere from $8 – $15 / tap, while many distributors have decided to stop offering the services altogether.  Of distributors who still offer draught system cleaning and maintenance in West Virginia for bars and restaurants, most will only clean the taps for the beers they sell.

The Win-Win

Retailers are in this to make money, so it makes sense they may be reluctant to pay for an additional expense. Bar and restaurant operators are aware of the necessity of cleaning a draught beer system, but aren’t aware that cleaner systems run better

A clean draught system ensures your customers taste each beer as the brewer intended.  Not only does the integrity of the beer shine through a clean draught system, but regular maintenance can also prevent or improve issues such as foam that can eat away at your bottom line.

Regularly scheduled maintenance leads to better flavor, and better profits.  It’s really as simple as that.

Start Pouring Better Beer

Call today to schedule your first cleaning.  Let your customers taste exactly what the brewer intended.



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